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Meet Dr. Kalagi

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Dr. Kalagi is a General Dentist at Austin Heights Dental in Coquitlam

Dr. Vimal Kalagi | Austin Heights Dental

Dr. Vimal Kalagi

General Dentist

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Dr. Kalagi

Dr. Vimal Kalagi (General Dentist, BDS, MDS) is a dedicated general dentist with a passion for periodontics. Her dental journey began with an undergraduate degree in 2013, followed by a postgraduate degree in Periodontology in 2017. In 2019, she relocated to Canada from southern India and settled in Toronto, where her diligent efforts led to obtaining NDEB licensing in May 2023.

Dr. Kalagi has nearly three years of hands-on experience in general dentistry and periodontal care, serving patients in both Toronto and India. Passionate about dentistry, she finds joy in helping patients overcome pain and restore smiles. She is actively involved in organizations like "Filling the Gap" where she volunteers to improve access to dental care for underserved populations.

After practicing in Toronto for nearly a year, Dr. Kalagi relocated to Vancouver and is looking forward to continuing her journey of patient care and community service.

Outside of dentistry, you'll often find her riding her bike through Vancouver's scenic trails, kayaking in its beautiful waters, and indulging in skiing and surfing adventures in Tofino. Above all, she value spending quality time with friends and family, soaking in life's simple pleasures.

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